Cle de Peau Beaute Voile Blanc 30 ml


** clé de peau BEAUTÉ Voile Blanc Brightening Enhancer Base **
□ Whitening pre-makeup SPF 35 · PA ++
□ Volume: 30 mL
□ Country of origin: Japan
□ Manufacturer name: Shiseido Co., Ltd.

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A pre-made cap that brings out the fine texture of foundation and lasts beautiful finish.

It is a whitening foundation that further enhances the fine finish of the foundation and creates a bright and clear beauty to escape. Cover the stain and buckwheat, protect the beautiful skin color. The light technology effect reproduces the fine structure in the texture.
Produces a bright and transparent skin to emit light.
Smoothly adjust the unevenness of the skin, more uniformly adhere to the foundation, bring out the beauty of the foundation.
It spreads on the skin with a fresh touch and prepares a smooth skin feel.


  • □ Protects the skin from the external environment that adversely affects the skin, such as dryness.
    □ With skin care ingredients, you can feel well-maintained skin as you continue using it.
    → Revitalizing Moisture Complex combination
    □ It prepares for smooth skin with a fresh feeling of use.
    □ Allergy tested (It does not mean that all people do not get allergic.)


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