ObagiC Serum Gel All-in-one 80g


******* Made in Japan by ROHTO *******

□ High-performance gel that fulfills 6 roles in one step. (Toner lotion, Emulsion, Tightening, Essence, Cream pack). Gives moisture to the skin where pores *1, dullness *2, and firmness are not noticeable, and clear *3 leads to fuller skin.
*1 Moisturizes and smoothes the pores to a lesser extent
*2 Drying
*3 Moisturizes and has less noticeable pores and glossy skin
□ Contents: 80g

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The Obagi C series of special vitamin C * 1 and fast-acting vitamin C derivatives * 2 and nanofibergel® * 3 were all born from the research of pharmaceutical companies for the first time.
With this product, it can prevent the texture of large pores * 4, firmness, dullness * 5 and dry pores.

Six years since the conception. Finally born! Obagi C Serum Gel
The development of gels that bring out the functions of vitamin C was born with a high-performance gel with no compromise, which is different from all-in-one gels.

With one application, skin with pores will be smooth. The offensive gel is born from Obagi C. High-performance gel that fulfills 6 roles in one step. All-in-one gel.

How to use

After washing your face, take an appropriate amount (size of cherries) with a spatula and gently apply to the entire face.

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