PITTA MASK REGULAR NAVY 12 pieces (4 Packs)


***** Made in Japan *****
□ Contents: 12 pieces (4 packs)
□ Size: 131mm x 234mm
□ Color: navy
□ Country of origin: Japan
□ Material: Polyurethane

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1. Navy color appearance
It’s not too dark navy, so it goes well with beautiful outfits. Of course also casual.
2. Cuts UV as well as pollen
With a UV cut rate of 97% / UPF50, harmful UV rays are cut.
3. Following the features of PITTA MASK
● Adopts new polyurethane material ● Pollen 99% cut filter ● Does not create gaps ● Easy to breathe ● Does not hurt your ears ● Can be washed 3 times and used repeatedly, economical

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