PITTA MASK SMALL PASTEL 12 pieces (4 packs, 3 Colors/pack)


******* Made in Japan *******
□ Contents: 12 pieces (4 piece for each color)
□ Size: 123mm x 212mm
□ Color: Baby Pink, Lavender, Salmon Pink
□ Country of origin: Japan
□ Material: Polyurethane
□ Can be washed 3 times and used repeatedly.

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Product introduction
1. PITTA MASK women’s items are now available. Two lineups of three-color assortments to suit women’s styles and tastes.
[PASTEL: BABY PINK / LAVENDER / SALMON PINK] We propose a girly style centered on pink, which is easy for women to like and creates gorgeousness.
2. Cuts UV as well as pollen
It has a high UV cut rate and UPF, and cuts harmful UV rays no matter which color you choose.
3. Following the features of PITTA MASK
● Adopts new polyurethane material ● Pollen 99% cut filter ● Does not create gaps ● Easy to breathe ● Does not hurt your ears ● Can be washed 3 times and used repeatedly, economical

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