SUNTORY DHA & EPA + Sesamin EX ( 120 pills for 30 days )


***** No.1, More than 30,000,000 bottles was sold so far ******
□ Refined fish oil processed food containing DHA & EPA + sesamin E DHA
□ Ingredient name: DHA · EPA containing refined fish oil, sesamin, gelatin, vitamin E, glycerin

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Healthy Healthy Blue Fish Ingredients DHA and EPA have the weakness that they are difficult to supplement with their diet alone and are more easily oxidized in the body.
Sesame health ingredients “sesamin” and “vitamin E” exert their inherent power while preventing the oxidation of the two ingredients and delivering them where needed.

DHA & EPA + Sesamin E is a health food that is concentrated in one grain, combining the rare ingredient Sesamin, which is a rare ingredient of sesame.
In addition to daily meals, please utilize.

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